Alice (fadedglamour) wrote in doriimaa,


Hi, I am new and was wondering if anyone could halp me with this dream I had a few dyas ago.
I was moving into a shared house but was taken to the wrong one and moved in there. My housemates and I knew that I wasn't meant to be there but no one ever said anything and then things became more sinister. I think I was being made to stay in the house beacause next I was running away.
The strangest part is that I was running across the motorway chasing my 'words' these were small dark sqaure pictures ( I don't know what of) that were rolling away from me as I ran after them. In my dream I was actually struck dumb as I tried to get cars to stop and help me get my wors back but my mouth couldn't make a sound.
Does anyone have any idea about symbolism? Friends have said that it could be my fear of losing my foreign languages or perhaps my frusrtation at not being able to articulate myself properly.

If anyone could shed some light I would be very grateful.
thanks xx
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