Dennis Bourland (xpunkdennisx) wrote in doriimaa,
Dennis Bourland


Whats the easiest way to pop out?

just need help, or some info, i can pop out unconciously sometimes but never quite on purpose.
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Well it takes practice and patients...there is no easy way to just pop out. What i did was get all of the info i could on it in books, and then tried every excersise they gave me untill i found one that worked for me. Then i practiced that for a long time and eventually came up with my own way of inducing obe's. You just need a lot patients! I would say that the best way that i can usually induce an obe is by....before going to bed stretch, relax and do breathing excersises...then lay down on your bed in the wand position. Close your eyes...slowly drift off to sleep but try to at all times keep your mind concious...if you can do that for a while you can trick you body into slowly thinking it is falling asleep....but if you can manage to not fa;ll asleep with your body, then you can lay back and observe your thoughts without having any controll of what your brain is is the state in between sleep and takes practice to get to, most of the time you just end up falling asleep totaly. If you can reach that state though many interesting things can hear voices, see faces, pictures...think crazy things...and i have found it is also a good way to induce obe's. They practice this all over in tantra, buddha, is a form of meditation. If you are having a hard time reaching this state there are a few things that you can this;

Set your alarm clock one night for 3 am in the morning...when you have nothing to do the next day. Then after you wake up from the alarm clock press 15 min your alarm clock will go off again...then you wake up snooze again...if you keep doing this then you will find it easier to get in between sleep and awake because you will want to go to sleep fully but wont be able to because your alarm will keep going off.

That is why obe's happen a lot when people are really stressed out and nervous about the next days events...for mom had a doctor appt on some monday....sunday night she was super nervous and found it hard to sleep...she was in the in between state and she had an she found out that i wasnt crazy when i used to tell her i had them....she flipped out and started to sleep with the bible because she was scared that it was the devil trying to get her or something.

Ok well have to run...i hope that i helped!