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dreams last night- most bizarre

I was a ghost. I had led an awful corrupt life. I had done some horrible thing, which at one point were listed out to me in the dream by some bodiless entity (none of which I´ve ever actually done). (Could I have been in purgatory, limbo?) Mac was there too, so was Keih. We lived in this house, Mac and I. I wish I could describe the space as spaces are very important to me in my dreams, but alas. Keith had come over to visit. He was freaked out, all paranoid, perma-tip. There was a truckload of stuff, some shipment that we kept talking about. He was tinkering with this truck. It wasn´t ours but it was at our house and he was somehow obligated to fix it. He left. I watched him surreptitiously from the kitchen window. He was so paranoid that every few seconds he would look back over his shoulder. I was afrid he would see me watching him through the window and get mad, so I was crouching down reall low, until finally I was on the floor and I couldn´t see him anymore, but I knew he was appraoching the house, that he had seen me and was freaked out about it. I tried to sliink out of the room. I don´t remember if I succeeded or what. At some point either before or after this some other bodiless voice had made a prophecy about my hostly fate, which turned out to be consequently a summary of the thing to come in my dream. The prophecy had something to doo with me getting trapped in a room and being lonely and going crazy until I found solice in ¨Someone immensely important¨(this isn´t an exact quote mind you, this person had some other tag-description öne true friend¨, ¨only person who could make it right¨¨or something like that). So I remeber we were at some friends house. I think they were watching a movie in the next room and I had to go to the bathroom. It was rose-colored and I knew as soon as I entered it that this was the fateful room of the prophecy. The door slammed sht and I began wailing (at this point Mac heard me next to him in sleep and tried to make sure I was alright, but I was able to return to the dream scene without to much trouble). No one in the next room could hear me. I seemed to be isolated from the world. It felt like an eternity I was in there. Days and nights seemed to pass like mere seconds. I stopped wailing in anquish eventually and started pacing. I think I probably did some spacial rearranging: taking down the shower curtain, etc. Then I found this mirror on the wall where I could sit and look into it. It was me reflected back of course, but not actually. I was old, vaguely resembling the human form of the young/old girl in Shakira. I began talking to myself in the mirror and the image in the mirror would talk back to me. (Fulfillment of the other half of the prophecy?)
A second dream:
We were at the house here in Puebla and Mac was on the phone with his mom. The señora came in and asked him ever so sweatly if she could sue the phone, she needed to call her mom and would that be a problem. I was standing right by and I replied... yes, actually it would be a problem because this was our last phone ard and we wouldn´t be able to use it again after we hung up. And so very brat-like she stammered... I have to call my mom allright!? And I called her a ¨perra¨and some other names beside. (All of this was taking place mostly in English and I accused her of always knowing English). I had hidden behind the fireplace that´s in the center of the living room and she asked, indignant ¨who said such obscenities?!¨ ¨Who do you think?¨I asked
The end of my memory
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