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introductory salutations

Im so glad to have found this community! I was going to start one myself if there wasnt one like this. Ive had a couple of strange and disturbing dreams recently, but I prefer to share when they are fresh on my mind.Im very excited about the idea of mutually sharing dreams and interpretations, getting to know people through our unconcious. I will begin posting dreams as soon as I have another memorable one, but for now I have a question that has baffled me for years... maybe you have some insight

A few years back I had an incredibly vivid dream. Several months later a friend I hardly knew called me from his home (in another city) and shared this crazy dream he had that I was in. He described my dream scene for scene with just a couple of subtle differences. I was very chilled by this experience (still am, I get goosebumps just thinking about it) and have wondered ever since what this could mean. I havent spoken with this friend since and Ive never, to my knowledge, shareda dream in this way with anyone since.

So, waht do you think it means? Ive often wanted to get back ni touch with thtis friend, just to see (what I dunno), but I wouldnt know how to begin to find him.
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