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Hi all, i'm new here, and i had this weird dream last night, that i was hoping someone could help me understand because i dont know anything about analyzing dreams.

there was some weird blonde tall lady in my house, she like, made hair care products or something

and i cant remember why, but i hated this woman for something and i kept trying to kill her or at least hurt her in my dream

and then i found out she tested her hair care products on animals and i totally freeked and hunted her down and cornered her in my dad's bedroom, and then my mom's voice called out of the bathroom "I'm scared of you, sara!" and i realized she'd locked herself in there to get awy from me

and then i woke up.

but its weird cause my parents dont even live together. there's no reason my mom would be here and locked inside my dad's bathroom. and my dad not be here. and this blond lady do be here. and i dont know who she was just that she made some hair care product.
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it's strange the importance of details in dreams.
i usually remember the details of my dreams and i freak over all these little details that i wouldn't think twice of in real life.

thanks for joining the community. :)
exactly. like, IRL, i worry so much about peoples' names and nothing else, and like in the dream, i totally dont remember her name at all but everything else about her.

thanks for the welcome